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How to order

  1. Click one of the product buttons to begin, e.g. poster or roller banner.
  2. Upload your artwork file before choosing your quantity, quality or finish.
  3. You can keep adding rows to your order to order more products to the same order.
  4. Choose how you want to receive your order and enter your payment details.

If you get stuck, there's some additional help at the bottom of the page or speak to one of the team on the Live Chat window below

How do I upload more than one file?


To upload multiple files, simply repeat the process you followed to upload the first file. For example, if ordering posters, select 'poster', upload the first file, select size, finish and quantity, and then repeat this for each file.

To order our 'Honeycomb' option, please click the 'Foamboard/Foamex' product and then choose the honeycomb option once you've uploaded your file(s)

If you require further information, please refer to our FAQs or use our Live Chat system at the bottom of your screen.